Stephen Stull

rhymes with “Demon Skull”


The Jerry Show

Plagued with an emotionally abusive tormentor he can’t escape, Jerry degrades himself night after night in a futile attempt to placate the bully. One night, Jerry’s persecutor leaves him in a predicament he sees no way out of, and at his wit’s end, Jerry finally confronts the tyrant.

This movie is still playing festivals, so it’s not yet available for viewing... unless you’re a big-shot Hollywood executive who wants to make me famous and watch me flame out in an explosion of self-destruction. In that case...

Official Selections

PDXtreme — Portland Underground Film Fest
Portland, OR, January 2019

Nihilist Film Festival
Los Angeles, CA, December 2018

Trasharama A-Go-Go (part of Monster Fest)
Carlton, VIC, November 2018

STUFF MX Film Festival
Mexico City, MX, November 2018
Winner, Best Narrative Short Film

Nightmares Film Festival
Columbus, OH, October 2018

Optical Theatre Film Festival
Lugo, IT, October 2018

Reno, NV, September 2018

GenreBlast Film Festival
Winchester, VA, August 2018

Florida Film Festival
Orlando, FL, April 2018

Weird Short Slam
Stuttgart, DE, April 2018

Hexploitation Film Festival
Hamilton, ON, March 2018
Winner, Most Shocking Short

Videodrunk Late Night Heavymetalweight Extremedgey Somewhereoutthere Mircofest
Toronto, ON, November 2017

Brouhaha Film and Video Showcase
Orlando, FL, November 2017

Buried Alive Film Festival
Atlanta, GA, November 2017
Winner, “What the Fuck” Award

Florida Horror Film Festival
Tampa, FL, November 2017
Winner, Best Actor in a Short Film

Video Nasty
Seattle, WA, October 2017

Orlando, FL, October 2017
Winner, Audience Favorite